Nathan And The Gregs EP
Name Your Plastic Fortress
  • 8 [CD]
  • 6 [10" Vinyl]
Total length
  • 25:16 [CD]
  • 7:40 [Vinyl Side A], 7:04 [Vinyl Side B] - 14:45 in total
Recorded St Leonards, East Sussex - June-September 2010
Writer/composer Nathan Hunt, Greg Nicholson
Producer Nathan And The Gregs
Format(s) CD, Vinyl
Release date October 2010
EP Chronology
- < Your Plastic Fortress > Rock de la Guadalajara



Your Plastic Fortress was planned to be Nathan And The Gregs' début EP and limited to 100 signed and hand-numbered CDs. There were also plans to carve a 10" vinyl. However, the EP was never printed, and This Is Radula subsequently became the first EP, released 10 months later.



  1. Lonely Guitars [4th Version]/Spanish-Esque Boogie [2nd Version]
  2. Salsa Piano Crusher [1st Version]
  3. Hava Nagila [2nd Version]
  4. Daft Funk [3rd Version]
  5. Changeling [3rd Version]
  6. Araballah [4th Version]
  7. Your Plastic Fortress [4th Version]
  8. Take A Polysynth [1st Version]

10" Vinyl Edit


  1. Lonely Guitars [4th Version]
  2. Spanish-Esque Boogie [2nd Version]
  3. Hava Nagila [2nd Version]
  4. Araballah [4th Version]


  1. Salsa Piano Crusher [1st Version]
  2. Take A Polysynth [1st Version]


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