Nathan And The Gregs Song
Name Tsiganochka
  • 0:27 [1st Version]
  • 0:34 [1st Version Alternative]
  • 0:35 [3rd Version]
  • 1:48 [4th Version]
  • 4:07 [2nd Version Edit]
  • 5:34 [2nd Version]
Alternative titles
  • New [1st Version]
  • Dark Nights [1st Version]
  • Folk Song [2nd Version]
  • Russian Folk Song [3rd Version]
  • Russian
First live performance -
Latest live performance -
  • St Leonards, June 2009 [1st Version]
  • Southminster, October 2009 [2nd Version]
  • Hastings, June-July 2010 [3rd Version]
  • Hastings, October 2010 [4th Version]
Writer/composer Traditional
Producer Nathan And The Gregs
Chart position -


Written as Цыганочка in Russian, the recording of Folk Song on Music Recordings may have been released first, but the original version, New, was recorded earlier in the year. The riffs are traditional Russian Folk music. A demo (called 'New') was first recorded in June 2009 by Nathan. In October, it and was jammed out by both band members. Greg later recorded a version from June-July 2010 called 'Russian Folk Song'.


New was recorded onto Magix Music Maker. The jam was recorded onto Nathan's Tape Recorder and later ripped onto the computer, whilst Greg's version was also recorded onto Magix Music Maker.


1st VersionEdit

  • Nathan Hunt - Guitar

2nd VersionEdit

  • Nathan Hunt - Guitar
  • Greg Nicholson - Guitar

3rd-4th VersionsEdit

  • Greg Nicholson - Guitar



We can play like... I dunno.

I'm not comfortable sitting like this...


Open, 3, open, 3. Open, 3, open, 3. Open, 4, open, 4. Open, 4, open, 4.

Open, 3, open, 3. Open, 3, open, 3. Open, 4, open, 2, 4. Open, 4, open, 2, 4.

Open, 3, open, 3. Open, 3, open, 3. ect.


You go...

Faster. Faster.

And then...

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