The Troubadours With Label

The Troubadours EP artwork

The Troubadours

The Troubadours demo artwork

Nathan And The Gregs EP
Name The Troubadours EP
Tracks 4
Total length 14m:25s
Recorded Hastings, East Sussex; November 2011-August 2012
Composer Matthew Bellamy: 2 tracks; Nathan Hunt: 2 tracks
Artwork Nathan Hunt
Format CD, Digital Download, CDr
Catalogue # NATG82EP
Release date 28th August 2012: Digital Download; 11th November 2012: CD
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The Troubadours EP

The Troubadours With Label
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The Troubadours was originally a demo titled Account Of The Stars, also known as Ἀστρολογία, but when it was decided to turn it into an EP, the artwork and name was changed. Account Of The Stars later went on to become it's own demo.

Greg stated that if he could, he would change the name of the band to The Troubadours, however, there is already an English band with that name.


The artwork to the Troubadours is the flag of Occitania, the area in which Troubadours originated in the High Middle Ages.


EP and 4 track demoEdit

# Title Version Length Composer
1 Coyster 5th 3:27 Nathan Hunt
2 Pre-Sunburn Riff 1st 1:29 Matthew Bellamy
3 Drop That Mass 10th 5:29 Nathan Hunt
4 Map Of The Problematique 8th 3:57 Matthew Bellamy


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