Nathan And The Gregs Demo
Name October Demo
Tracks 20
Total length -
Recorded Hastings and St Leonards, 2010
Writer/composer -
  • Natalia Hunt [Photographer]
  • Nathan Hunt [Design]
Format(s) CDr
Catalogue number NATG025CD01, CD-R 80-10250904 [Disc 1], CD-R 80-10250904 [Disc Two]
Release date September 2010
Demo Chronology
Your Plastic Fortress < October Demo > Turncoat
October Demo



  1. Araballah (4th Version)
  2. Changeling (3rd Version)
  3. Chorus of the Dead (2nd Version)
  4. Coast To Coast
  5. Daft Funk (3rd Version)
  6. Dance Sexy Sale
  7. Dungeon of Peril (2nd Version)
  8. Feldspar
  9. Funky Jimi Goo Goo (2nd Version)
  10. Hava Nagila
  11. History
  12. Lonely Guitars (4th Version)
  13. Nasty Stephen Hawking (2nd Version)
  14. Resurrection
  15. Salsa Piano Crusher
  16. Space Flight
  17. Spanish-Esque Boogie
  18. Take A Polysynth
  19. Tea Stained Clothes And Scalding Flesh (2nd Version)
  20. Your Plastic Fortress (4th Version)


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