Nathan And The Gregs Demo
Name Halloween Demo
Tracks 19
Total length
Recorded Hastings And St Leonards, September-October 2010
  • Sophie Green [Photography]
  • Nathan Hunt [Design]
Format(s) CDr
Catalogue number NATG029CD01, 9205-35RB-22098 [On Disc]
Release date October 2010
Demo Chronology
Turncoat < Halloween Demo > Mr R And H Demo
Halloween Demo Birdy

Front cover



  1. Assassin On Ukulele
  2. A Study In Insanity (Midi)
  3. Araballah (Midi)
  4. Tramp Orgy
  5. You Stole My Aparture
  6. F Minor (2nd Version)
  7. Tsiganochka
  8. Endless Drum Inferno (2nd Version) Demo)
  9. Bond Riff (Demo)
  10. Jazz In D
  11. Jazz
  12. Tetris (2nd Version)
  13. Tetris (3rd Version)
  14. Turncoat (2nd Version)
  15. Pistolero of the Apocalypse (3rd Version Demo 2)
  16. Nuance
  17. Missa Defunctorum (3rd Version Demo)
  18. Terminal Velocity (2nd Version)
  19. Deoxyribonuclegia


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