Nathan And The Gregs Demo
Name Early 2010 Demo
Tracks 6
Total length 18:12
Recorded St Leonards, February 2010
Writer/composer Nicholson/Hunt/Bellamy
Artwork Nathan Hunt
Format(s) CDr
Catalogue number NATG016CD01, 9205-35RB-2207B [On Disc]
Release date February 2010
Demo Chronology
< Early 2010 Demo > Randoms
Early 2010 Demo


A demo featuring the beginnings of Nathan's composition for his GCSEs, and a few Muse covers.


  1. Prelude In G Minor - 0:44
  2. GD Song - 1:54
  3. Integrated Assignment [3rd Version] - 3:01
  4. I Belong To You - 0:28
  5. Unnatural Selection - 6:56
  6. Uprising - 5:08


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