The Design/Nathan And The Gregs Demo
Name Butterflies And Hurricanes
Tracks 3
Total length 20:08
Recorded St Leonards, 2009
Writer/composer Bellamy
Artwork Nathan Hunt
Format(s) CDr
Catalogue number NATG011CD01, N-127-BLD-191-D-814157-B-1 [On Disc]
Release date February 2009
Demo Chronology
Sententae Antique < Butterflies And Hurricanes > Music Recordings - Volume 1
Butterflies And Hurricanes Demo


A 4 track demo featuring separated tracks of Nathan's cover of Muse's Butterflies And Hurricanes. The cover features the original NATG logo. It was recorded for Sententae Antique under The Design.


  1. Butterflies And Hurricanes - 5:02
  2. Butterflies And Hurricanes [Guitar Tracks] - 5:02
  3. Butterflies And Hurricanes [Keyboard Tracks] - 5:02
  4. Butterflies And Hurricanes [String Track] - 5:02


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