Nathan And The Gregs Gig
Venue Bexhill College
Date Monday, 4th July 2011
Location Bexhill College, Bexhill-on-sea
Country United Kingdom
Songs 3
Support Various
Start time ~3:00pm
Capacity Unknown
Price Free
Sold Out? -
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Nathan And The Gregs were invited again to play at Bexhill College's First Year's Leavers BBQ 2011, only 4 days before the event. Initially, Nathan was escited for it, but it was doubtful whether Greg could make it (as he then had a 9-5 office job). As it turned out, his suspicions were correct, and Greg announced his inability to attend.

Bexhill College management begged that NATG play at the gig, and after Nathan spoke to Joe, they decided to play guitar together for the event. Since Joe only knew the band's songs on drums, both him and Nathan had to practise the songs together (much like Nathan and Greg did before).

However, Joe didn't turn up for the rehearsals because of work commitments, and Nathan had to do the gig as a solo.


Song Person Speech
Before Drop That Mass Announcer "Okay guys, welcome back! We are now going to be doing a solo again, with Nathan Hunt. So please put your hand together."
Nathan "'Kay thanks, I'm Nathan Hunt from Nathan And The Gregs. They didn't turn up today, so... I'm all alone."


[Distant "awws"]
Announcer [?]
Nathan [Laughs]
After Drop That Mass Nathan (To self) "That was a fail."
Before House of the Rising Sun Nathan "I think you'll know this next one... hopefully."
Before Rapine Bovine Nathan "This is my last one now... Unfortunately."
Crows "Aww"
After Rapine Bovine Nathan "Thank you."
Announcer "You can push it to four if you want."
Nathan "Nah."
Announcer "You can if you want."
Nathan "No, it's alright."
Announcer "Sure?"
Nathan [Laughs]

Set ListEdit

  1. Drop That Mass
  2. House of the Rising Sun
  3. Rapine Bovine



Live bex 4th july

A disc was made for the gig.


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