Anal Jeopardy

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Anal Jeopardy back

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Nathan And The Gregs demo
Name Anal Jeopardy
Type Main demo
Tracks 33
Length 43m:24s
Recorded Southminster, Essex: March-April 2014
Composer Aaron Kitcher: 1 track; Bård Ylvisåker: 1 track; Christian Løchstøer: 1 track; Deftones: 1 track; Edward Pickard: 1 track; Emil Schult: 1 track; Greg Nicholson: 4 tracks; James Hewitt: 3 tracks; John 5: 1 track; Jojo Baker: 1 track; Karl Bartos: 1 track; Magne Furuholmen: 1 track; Marilyn Manson: 1 track; Matthew Bellamy: 5 tracks; Max Cavalera: 1 track; Mikkel S. Eriksen: 1 track; Morten Harket: 1 track; Natalia Hunt: 1 track; Nathan Hunt: 19 tracks; Nicholas Boundy: 1 track; Pål Waaktaar: 1 track; Ralf Hütter: 1 track; Rob Swire: 1 track; Simon Neil: 1 track; Sonny Moore: 1 track; Tor Erik Hermansen: 1 track; Vegard Ylvisåker: 1 track
Artwork Nathan Hunt
Format CDr
Catalogue # NATG123CD
Release date 25th April 2014
Demo chronology

The Crap Album - Volume 7

The Crap Album - Volume 7

Anal Jeopardy

Anal Jeopardy

Ooo, Shut That Door!

Ooo, Shut That Door


The name for this demo developed as far back at 2012 or 2011. Nathan Hunt found out that Anal Jeopardy was the name of a pornographic film, and the band felt this was 'hilarious'. Originally meant to be the title of a song, it was granted the title of a demo later on.

One of the few Nathan And The Gregs demos to feature no songs recorded by Nicholson.


The artwork was designed by Nathan Hunt. It is a large painting called The Hippopotamus And Crocodile Hunt by Peter Paul Rubens, painted between 1615 and 1616. It currently resides in Alte Pinakothek, Munich.


# Title Version Length Composer
1 Abyssal Plain 1st 00:42 Nathan Hunt
2 Bubbles 1st 00:30 Simon Neil
3 Jimmy Jam 1st 00:28 Matthew Bellamy
4 C4 1st 00:13 Nathan Hunt
5 Rapine Bovine 6th 01:42 James Hewitt, Greg Nicholson, Nathan Hunt
6 Aurora's Lament 1st 00:12 Nathan Hunt, Greg Nicholson
7 Cuntcrusher 1st 00:17 Edward Pickard, Aaron Kitcher
8 Intoxication 2nd 00:20 Greg Nicholson, Nathan Hunt, Natalia Hunt, Jojo Baker
9 Louise Jackson 1st 00:33 Nathan Hunt
10 The Fugue 7th 00:56 Nathan Hunt
11 Coyster 6th 02:08 Nathan Hunt
12 Frick Frack While You Snick Snack 1st 00:34 Nathan Hunt
13 Hysteria 2nd 00:36 Matthew Bellamy
14 Modern 60s 1st 01:15 Nathan Hunt
15 Slutgarden 1st 00:33 John 5, Marilyn Manson
16 Mutiny 1st 00:29 Rob Swire
17 The Model 5th 01:35 Ralf Hütter, Karl Bartos, Emil Schult
18 HOLLYOAKS Demo 3 01:04 Nathan Hunt
19 Hey 3rd 01:34 Nathan Hunt
20 Sabotage 1st 01:02 Nathan Hunt
21 Take On Me 1st 01:13 Magne Furuholmen, Morten Harket, Pål Waaktaar
22 Featherneck 1st 01:23 James Hewitt, Nathan Hunt
23 Featherneck 2nd 01:22 James Hewitt, Nathan Hunt
24 HOLLYOAKS 3rd 01:11 Nathan Hunt
25 Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites 1st 00:46 Sonny Moore
26 Suck My Cockiness And Lick My Persuasion 1st 01:08 Nathan Hunt
27 Time is Running Out 3rd 03:59 Matthew Bellamy
28 Headup 8th 01:44 Deftones, Max Cavalera
29 The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) 4th 03:57 Bård Ylvisåker, Vegard Ylvisåker, Christian Løchstøer, Tor Erik Hermansen, Mikkel S. Eriksen, Nicholas Boundy
30 Osaka Jam 9th 01:10 Matthew Bellamy
31 Danse Sexy Sales 4th 01:22 Greg Nicholson, Nathan Hunt
32 Panic Station 1st 03:18 Matthew Bellamy
33 I Only Like Them Fried 2nd 04:08 Nathan Hunt


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